Seiko Problems

There has been an issue the last few weeks, if not months because of the lack of Seiko movements on the market. This happened when the Seiko factory was closed down due to Covid 19 outbreak inside the factory it self. Ever since the demand and prices on these moments have gone higher and higher. The NH35 movement is totally out of stock leading to models like the 1685 and 1671 now has Miyota as an alternative movement. PD-1685 now has a Miyota movement PD-1671 now has a Miyota movement

New EU Tax Rules

From 1 July 2021, Pagani Design generally will need to collect 19% VAT on sales of goods delivered to EU consumers, including circumstances where goods are delivered from outside of the EU or where goods are shipped from within EU where the seller is established outside the EU.  This means that all customers from EU has to pay and extra 19% Vat to buy products from Pagani Design as our brand is made i China and we as sellers are established outside of EU.

2 Years Warranty

We offer a 2 years warranty for damaged and defect goods bought at our website Please contact us about the problem and showing us pictures or film of the issue will be of great help to understand the problem. The product can be shipped alone, just wrap it in some bubble plast to avoid scratches. No paper or box needed as this product will not be resold, but we can still use the working spare parts for other products. Also the faulty part(s) will work for our warranty towards our subcontractors who made the part(s). The customer pay for this return but as soon as we are shown the receipt, a fully refund for the return cost will be given immediately. Once we have the product in our hands and it has cleared inspection, we will ship out a new replacement product(s) on our expense. A Full refund for the return cost + a replacement product(s) will be given (no refund) : as this is our mistake we will deal with it to make the customer happy.

14 Days Return Policy

We offer a 14 days return policy for a change of heart. The product must be unused and without any scratches, complete with all the stickers on and the package and papers it came with, so it can be sold again to another customer. The customer pay for this return. A fully refund will be given for the product(s)  as soon as the product has returned and cleared inspection. If it shows wear and tear we will not refund. A full Refund for the product(s) will be given : as we get a complete new product back. No refund for this return cost : as it is the customer who changed their mind and not an issue with the product it self.


Please make sure you always Contact us for the correct return address before any returns. The address on the package might not be the correct one as it has happened in the past that a custody has open a package just to rewrap it and put in their own address as return address. In such case the package is lost forever. We might also choose to have a returned package shipped to a reseller, customer or local Pagani Design warehouse as this will be faster or just more suitable for us.
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