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  • UNKNOWN: Sometimes you might see this status as a result of tracking added premature. So if the status don’t change within a few days, please Contact Us
  • PRE TRANSIT: Means that a package has been picked up by a courier, handed over to the airline, is in the process of going through customs, sent with a flight and waiting to get scanned again once it goes through it’s destination countries. This process can take 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer all depending on the corona restrictions of the country, or if it has to go through transit country etc.
  • IN TRANSIT: Means that a package has been scanned again while going through it’s destination countries (or transfer countries) customs. For US citizens it means USPS tracking should also work.
  • OUT FOR DELIVERY: This message is given when a package has been given a delivery time and hand over. For instance a door delivery.
  • DELIVERED: Means a package has reached it’s final destination. However it could be in the customers mail box or the local post office. So please check your local post office if you don’t find it in your mailbox!
  • RETURN TO SENDER: You could see this message as a result of a delivery gone wrong or a package not picked up.Yun Express Tracking


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