2 Years Warranty

We offer a 2 years warranty for damaged and defect goods bought at our website www.paganidesignwatch.ltd

Please contact us about the problem and showing us pictures or film of the issue will be of great help to understand the problem.

The product can be shipped alone, just wrap it in some bubble plast to avoid scratches. No paper or box needed as this product will not be resold, but we can still use the working spare parts for other products. Also the faulty part(s) will work for our warranty towards our subcontractors who made the part(s). The customer pay for this return but as soon as we are shown the receipt, a fully refund for the return cost will be given immediately. Once we have the product in our hands and it has cleared inspection, we will ship out a new replacement product(s) on our expense.

A Full refund for the return cost + a replacement product(s) will be given (no refund) : as this is our mistake we will deal with it to make the customer happy.