Wholesale & Bulk Orders

Take advantage of our wholesale expertice and ODM capabilities.

We work with customers and retailers all over the world buying wholesale from us.

Want our Wholesale List?

  1. Once you have the Wholesale List you should choose what models and color variants you want. Min MOQ is 20 watch models in total.
  2. Download List with the “Arrow” in upper right corner.
  3. Use the Order Form to get a Quote from us that include shipping cost.

Want to make an Order?

  1. Once you have sent in your order we will spend a few days to make sure we have all products and then we will mail you a Quote that include all costs.
  2. The same mail will also include our PayPal information.
  3. Once you pay we will start processing your order. Total lead time will be from 1-7 days.
  4. Tracking will be sent to you in mail.

All Wholesale orders is paid with PayPal. But we can arrange credit card payment through the normal payment gateway if needed.

According to the law of certain countries, Pagani Design is required by law to collect sales tax and remit these to the relevant local tax authorities. The countries which we are required by law to collect states tax include (updating) :

  1. Australia (10% goods and services tax)
  2. EU (up to 25% import tax)
  3. Great Britain (20% sales tax)
  4. New Zealand (15% goods and services tax)
  5. Norway (25% sales tax)
  6. USA : (0-13% sales tax, depending on the state)

<<< Go to: US States Tax Rates

<<< Go to: EU Vat – Import Tax

We will provide you with multiple shipping options (if possible) all depending on the customer location. Shipping will have to include insurance.

Yun Express, E-packet, DHL, FedEx, USPS etc.

A Tracking Number and a Tracking Link will be emailed you within a few days after shipping. Here you will be able to follow your package journey to yourself.

2 Year Warranty is offered on all products. For faulty products you can use the support form in “Contact Us” page.

<<< Go to: Contact Us/Support

<<< Read more here: Support/Warranty

There are 2 types of returns:

  1. Returns for broken products (Paid by us)  and replacement products will be given on our expense.
  2. Returns when the customer changes their mind about a product (Paid by customer) and a refund will be made.

NOTE: Please make sure you ALWAYS Contact Us for the correct return address!

Do not return a package based on the sender address you may find on the package. The product may have been shipped from different locations and sometimes a package can be opened by customs and given a new and wrong sender address (their own at the border)!

<<< Go to: Contact Us

<<< Read more at: Support/Returns


<<< Contact Us for further questions.

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